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Condominium Bulk Sales

Pordes Residential has a strong history of timing the market intelligently. The company identifies and acquires undervalued and distressed off market condo units in bulk, then rebrands and remarkets these assets at the right time to maximize the resale value.

The firm has been a recognized leader in profitable bulk condo deals since the downturn of 2009. They are known for their rigorous due diligence and business plan, which includes comparative market analysis, capital expenditure, improvement recommendations, marketing budget development, comprehensive pricing matrices with unmatched sales results.

Frequently, market cycles and other challenging conditions render perfectly good condominium projects unsold or underperforming in the sales marketplace. The core business of Pordes Residential acquisitions is to acquire such underperforming projects and relaunch a strategic and comprehensive sales program resulting in healthy profits for its investors. This strategy has demonstrated excellent results in delivering strong returns for their capital partners, with internal rates of return “IRR,” averaging 28% to 39% within a 1 to 4 year timeline depending on the complexity and size of each transaction. The firm has acquired and resold bulk condos in excess of $1B.

Previous Clients & Capital Partners

Pordes Residential has a proven track record of trust and success, which appeals to partners at the highest levels of finance and real estate. These are just some of the world-class institutions who have benefitted from partnering with us in condominium transactions.

Commercial & Residential Financing

No two financing transactions are alike. Whether it be a commercial loan or end user residential financing. Pordes Residential finance can assist in sourcing and securing the best market rate terms available for the transaction.

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